PRESS SECTION - Viva España Magazine

Casa No. 7, Calles Virgenes 7, Seville

Casa No. 7 is as surprising as the city of Seville itself - squeezed into the old quarter, elegant and almost regal. There are two butlers, scrambled eggs for breakfast and plush, beautiful rooms off balconies around an inner courtyard. The best of Seville, including a great flamenco bar, is within yards, you can see the Giralda from the roof terrace.



The owner is a member of an old sherry family and he is an unashamed Anglophile - pictures of his ancestors line the walls and copies of Who's Who? adorn the bookcases. There is a noticeable trace of grand old English country houses about this place. The cool and elegant drawing room, for example is a distinguished spot for a glass of sherry - from the family's Jerez bodega of course.

Come for a treat, if I knew of simpler place in Seville with the half the styles I would recommend it.