PRESS SECTION - Tatler - 101 Best Hotels

Casa No. 7 Hotel, Calle Virgenes 7, Seville

An eccentric, exceptional, enchanting townhouse down a narrow, wriggly street (you and the taxi will have to breathe in), behind a wrought iron doorway. Owned by Gonzalo del Rio y González-Gordon - scion of all the sherry and gin families the name implies - Casa No. 7 Hotel is six bedrooms of separation from anything you might associate with a conventional hotel. Room service? Whole chilled bottles of Tio Pepe and Gordon's gin arrive with old fashioned bottle of Schweppes. At breakfast, eggs are scrambled with olive oil and served by the white-gloved family butler. The inner courtyard has been roofed over, making a soaring hall with comfortable bedrooms off balconies. Choose rooms at the top for the roof terrace. Gonzalez-Gordon is an anglophile and there are silver framed photographs of royals in the drawing rooms, where you can help yourself to drinks. He also has an interest in the tapas bar round the corner. Go - it has the best seafood in the world. Winner of Tattlers award for the Best Small Hotel 2001, Casa No. 7 hotel is simple, stylish and a fast track to the real Seville.