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Casa Numero 7

Understated Luxury in Seville

Club RENFE Hotels in SevilleIt is most likely that if you asked the locals, they would not know where this hotel is! Even the next door neighbours in the neighbourhood would have difficulty knowing there is a hotel next door.

This is part of the character of this luxury but camouflaged hotel. A protected building, was originally built in 1847, and now offers a few rooms in an understated fashion.

The owner, Gonzalo del Rio Gonzalez-Gordon, is a member of the Gonzalez-Byass dynasty, and is responsible for creating the ambience of an aristocratic mansion.

One detail: the Honesty Bar, for guests to serve their own drink as if it were the own living room.

Posted by CasaNo7

Small boutique hotel in the centre of Seville with a touch of luxury, warm welcome and perfect location for sightseeing or joining in Seville’s nightlife.