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Activities - City Breaks in Seville

Seville and the surrounding areas offer a variety of activities that make your visit to Seville a memorable trip. We can make the necessary arrangements for our guests at no extra charge, enhancing your enjoyment during your vacation in Seville. Our tours do require pre-booking so please include this in your booking request as we cannot always guarantee availability in short notice.


Seville Private City Tour

Why not see Seville in private? We can organise a personal and customised tour of the city, taking you through some of the most famous tourist attractions in the Seville. You will have undivided attention of your tour guide as our tours are never for more than 4 people. Your guide will collect you from our hotel in the morning and will commence your journey through Seville and its rich history. After a break for lunch, you will continue with your tour which will be customised to your requirements. Your tour will include the places you want to see, but if you prefer you can take one our tour programmes.

Seville City Tour, Alcazar, Seville
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Flamenco Night

Although it is argued that Sevillana Flamenco dance is not originally from Seville, it is without doubt that you can see some of the best Flamenco dancers in Seville city. We can arrange a booking for you at one of many Flamenco dance venues, which normally start late at night and go on until early hours of the morning. Going out to see the Flamenco requires you to live to the Spanish beat namely late dinner, late to bed, and early to rise so you do not miss any of the city life the next day!

Flamenco Dancing in Seville
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Sherry Bodega Visit

Casa Nº 7 hotel is owned and operated by the Gonzales-Gordon family. Gonzales-Gordon is a renowned name in sherry making since 1835 and makers of the famous Tio Pepe amongst many other brands.

A day visit to Gonzales-Byass bodega where you can familiarise yourself with the art of sherry making, and sample some of the most amazing sherry on the market. Sherry making is a grand tradition developed and nurtured in and around Jerez area for centuries.

Sherry Bodega Tour, Gonzales-Byass, Jerez
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Horse Riding in Jerez

We can organise horse riding for you including transport to the ranch near Jerez. We can also include a visit to the Royal Andalucian School of Equestrian Art (subject to availability), a riding school comparable to the world-famous Spanish Riding School in Vienna. Like the Spanish Riding School, the Royal Andalucian School is well-known for its "dancing stallions" shows.

Royal Andalucian Riding School, Jerez
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Doñana National Park

The Parque Nacional de Doñana is one of Europe's most important wetland reserves. The national park covers 1300 Sq KM stretching across 3 provinces of Huelva, Sevilla and Cádiz. Doñana National Park is recognised for its great ecological wealth and is considered as one of the great conservation projects.

Doñana is well known for its enormous variety of bird species including migrating birds that visit twice a year on their way back-and-forth between northern Europe and Africa. Permanent residents of the park are just as impressive as the passing flocks, including world's largest colonies of Spanish imperial eagles.

There are two four-hour trips everyday into the park run by the Cooperativa Marsimas del Rocío. The four-wheel drive vehicle with English speaking guides will take you to one of the most incredible nature parks in Europe. Tour guides try to ensure you see all three ecosystem areas (dunes, matorral and marshland), but the length of time spent at each area is dependent on the time of the year and seasonal conditions.

Donana National Park, Andalucia, Spain